Parent Infant psychotherapy


Rosalind Field trained as a Parent Infant Psychotherapist at the Anna Freud Centre.

A baby is a momentous experience for all families and brings with it many different powerful feelings. Sometimes something may go wrong and these feelings can become hard to manage for both parents and babies. There may have been a difficult birth or there may be feeding or sleeping problems. The baby may cry incessantly and the parents may not be able to work out why. Understandably parents can feel overwhelmed by their own feelings and feel at a loss at how to help their baby. Babies can also feel overwhelmed.

In addition to this, the way that we have been parented may influence how we parent our own children; patterns of relating can pass down through the generations. This may be something that we do not notice until we have our own baby. If the experience of our own parenting was problematic Parent-Infant Psychotherapy can help to address this and prevent unhelpful patterns from being repeated.

Rosalind Field offers specialised work to parents and infants who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship. The aim is to make an early therapeutic intervention. Ideally this is from before birth (the relationship between parent and infant begins before birth) up to 12 months of age, offering around 6 sessions in order to address any problems and to prevent them from becoming set and creating further difficulties later on.  This work is informed by psychodynamic theory with an emphasis on Attachment Theory and new research in neuro-science. Rosalind works directly with parents and babies using an informal relational style.